Flight Radar 24 are self-censoring the alerts you create for certain private aircraft types.

Try creating an alert, in the FR24 app, for an E55P (ICAO for an Embraer Phenom 300) for either a local or global area.

You only receive 'ALERTS' on those aircraft that are fully or partially identified in FR24. For any other E55P aircraft, you receive no ALERTS at all.

In the FR24 app, if you 'filter' on E55P, then all E55P aircraft are displayed... that is full, partial and de-identified aircraft are shown. There appears to be no issues here on privacy or confidentiality of the aircraft position data being used to display on the map.

FR24 management have decided to perform censorship of these private aircraft ALERTS but then... allow filtering and display of these same aircraft that are blocked for sending ALERTS.

FR24 management have said this censorship is a "business decision" which seems unusual when FR24 app filtering displays what an FR24 ALERT would display.

It seems that FR24 have applied this ALERT policy globally without any application from all those private aircraft owners/operators to exclude them from ALERTS given they show up on the map when the said aircraft type is filtered.

Can anyone explain the logic of this 'business decision'?