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Thread: Pulsing Data Feed from Feeder

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    Pulsing Data Feed from Feeder

    My raspberry Pi flight feeder had a solid data feed for months, unless I removed power to it or my modem for some reason. It's LAN connected. Somehow over the past 2 weeks the data feed started showing a pulsing pattern. It looks like every 20 minutes there is 3-5 minutes of data. Any ideas as to the problem?

    The feeder is T-KSQL18 and I set it to visible. Thanks for the help!

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    Having the same problem! My dads feeder has been stable for the last year but started to drop out every 20 minutes in the last week??? Tried disabling ipv6 but that did not work!

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    Ignore the stats for a moment and keep an eye on the actual logs (may need to view in non service mode or enable logging) and see if they differ

    The stats server has been known to go west.
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    Please send your diagnostics file to You can obtain it on the following link, make sure to put your Pi's IP there


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