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Thread: Next UFO sighting?

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    Next UFO sighting?


    I saw some unidentified flying object in the sky at 03:45 UTC on 08.Oct.2018 passing over Kassel, Germany, in the direction west-west-north. It appeared to go as fast as most passenger jets appear to go in the sky, perhaps a Little bit faster. It was very bright in the night sky, brighter like other stars and diffuse. I couldnot identify it properly. I noticed at flightradar24 some airliner which was heading in almost the same direction just a half Minute later. It was the only airliner in this Region close to that object: KLM810, Registration PH-BQK. It must have seen This object. The visibility was very good. I ve got photos but the object is only a small white patch. I ask myself if pilots of one of this airliner could see something. The ISS was at this Moment somewhere over Pacific Ocean.
    Thanks for help.

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    Could it have been the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with SAOCOM 1A, a radar observation satellite for Argentina ??? Its been on TV news today.

    Liftoff was 08/10/2018 @ 13:22 so maybe investigate the time difference and if the planned trajectory was over Germany.


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    There are many satellites out there, not just the ISS. Some of them show up as a very bright irridium flare - i.e. a very bright light in the sky that does not fade as it moves away from you until at some point in the sky it vanishes into earth's shadow

    - Bright satellites today (or any other date) - first set your location, top right of window

    - Iridium flares today (if there are any) - first set your location, top right of window

    - Satflare

    - Whatsup
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