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Thread: setup instruction, additional information suggestion fr24feed --signup

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    setup instruction, additional information suggestion fr24feed --signup

    Linux releated.
    the fr24feed --signup needs to have access to /etc/fr24feed.ini
    but the file permissions are root:root rw-ro
    Either inform the person installing to
    sudo fr24feed --signup
    change the file permissions to root:[user's group] with chmod

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    Can you point out where the incorrect reference was (outside my attempt at a guide?)

    I've had most commands including SUDO for a while now
    re-Run Signup, re-enter key or reconfigure if web not accessible
    sudo fr24feed --signup
    (Enter the identical details as first signup)
    Guessing its the downloadable manual that seems to get rarely updated?
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers

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