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Thread: Northolt Finally Reported As A Destination For Non Blacked Out Flights

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    Whatever the reasons for the technical anomalies with the data regarding flights in to NHT it has certainly been interesting to be able to find out more about the type of aircraft and the origin of quite a lot of the private jet flights in to the airport than was formerly possible with just the human eye and a pair of binoculars.

    However there has definitely been a recent move in the direction of restricting the release of data about military or other sensitive governmental flights for the usual avoidance of terrorism related reason.

    So I can take it that obscuring this data is in the hands of those operating those aircraft rather than websites like your own that pass such data onwards?

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    Wouldn't have magically started just because they added the map pin. You would always have seen full ADSB aircraft on the map going to ground level if you watched the area long enough. Just not an official flag that indicated it's where it stopped on the info panel.

    Just like my unknown example landing on the ground at an airport.

    It's not 'my own'

    So I can't answer it. But I understand there are multiple agreements in place being one of the primary found tracking sites to adhere to requests of individuals (BARR and ASDI) and other agencies.

    You don't poke hornets nests if they are larger and ask nice.

    The official stance had Anmer and myself not stepped in. Would likely have been, 'read the FAQ'

    Why aren't all airports marked with a blue point?
    There are many thousands of airports around the world. Showing all airports would completely cover the map in airport pins. The primary feature of the blue point is the possibility to click and show the arrival & departure boards. In order to keep the map clean we only plot airports with regular and daily scheduled passenger traffic.
    Why is the route information incorrect?
    The route is not transmitted from the aircraft. We are receiving the callsign of the flight from the aircraft and comparing it with large databases of airline and airport schedules to find the matching flight number. Once the callsign is matched to a flight number, we are able to show the route of the flight. A few reasons why a route may be incorrect:

    Changed flight plans
    Wrong or old callsign typed into the transponder
    Error in some of the schedule databases
    Long flight delay, which makes the schedule data match against wrong flight
    By default we block sensitive aircraft such as those associated with military or governmental operations. For private aircraft, we can block flight tracking information at the owners request. For enquiries about aircraft blocking and unblocking, please contact us.
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