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Thread: Plane reconation

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    Plane reconation

    Hi group

    i am fairly new to this hobby so i am looking to have a question answered...i use this software Flightradar24...i also have a scanner on which from my home location i can hear Cardiff CWL and Bristol BRS Airports along with inflight aircraft calling question is.." How do i reconise the aircraft i see on my screen with the aircraft call sign i hear on my scanner" ?? plz..:

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    ATC (audio) prefix the callsign/flighID with unique indicator.

    This may help:

    So for a British Airways flight you may have:

    BA BAW British Airways Plc (United Kingdom) Speedbird
    BA SHT British Airways Shuttle (United Kingdom) Shuttle

    FR24 shows both the IATA and ICAO flight ID. Listen out for a "Speedbrid" prefix for the ICAO ID.

    For example:

    BA2715 /BAW49MG should be "Speedbird Niner Four Mike Golf"

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    Thank you so very much for your reply to my question..and i will look up on the internet for the info you have given me..once again thank you

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