I've just setup FR24 on my RPI and so far things look like they are working. I can see some flights tracked under FR24 Feeder Tracked Aircraft List

However if I click on any of them the web page loads up and I get Live flight not found. Is this a problem with my installation or something with the FR24 website.

ModeS: 4062A3 Callsign: TOM3PG
  Lat: 53.7613
 Long: -2.6701
  Alt: 37000ft
  SQW: 0520

ModeS: 40631C Callsign: EZY18PU
  Lat: 53.516
 Long: -1.9584
  Alt: 36000ft
  SQW: 5474
If I click on any of them, say TOM3PG, I get redirected to website/TOM3PG I get live flight not found.

However if I browse to the website and search for TOM3PG I get taken to website/TOM3PG/116a61e0 which then works.

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