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Thread: What WE8270 was just doing over UTP?

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    What WE8270 was just doing over UTP?


    BKK to UTP is just 72 miles, so basically he was circling over UTP at a low altitude for 1,5 hours, before landing eventually.

    By the way I can't google anything regarding this flight number, nor I can see Thai Smile selling any tickets on BKK-UTP route (pretty much useless anyway, as the airport is at least 40 minutes away from Pattaya, and the bus from BKK airport takes ~2 hours)

    Tech problem? Or possibly they're testing something in the airport, maybe some new approach/landing equipment? (UTP gets more and more busy in the last couple of years, I always felt pity why such a large airport near the primary holiday destination of Thailand sat nearly empty for years - even their Philippine cousin at CRK was performing much better)

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    From the image you've posted, it looks like he was flying circuits and touch and goes, and not 'circling'. Note how the tracks all converge on final approach to the runway. The randomness of the downwind tracks also suggests manual visual flying. So maybe they were doing old fashioned circuit training.

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