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Thread: AcarsDeco2 installation and setup enquire

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    AcarsDeco2 installation and setup enquire


    I am very interested in ACARS and would like to install the AcarsDeco2 - 3 channel RTLSDR ACARS decoder, downloaded the zip file and extracted in to acarsdeco2 folder on the D drive I then clicked on the application .bat file to run the software but nothing happens. I cannot run the software, it just quit and I don't know why.
    You should know that I am not a computer geek at all.

    I know that it's a command-line application, computer program designed to be used from text interface, and it supports direct input from a TRL2832U dongle.

    Please let me know how to install it on Windows 7 in most easiest way possible or provide me with "step by step" installation manual or try to install it by yourself on my PC by Teamviewer session.


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    I'm interested in this as well. I've tried both versions; Windows and OSX.
    Clicking on the .exe or the Unix executable, don't do much but, in Windows, a brief terminal/command window pops up, text scrolls by at lightning speed, and on OSX, the terminal windows pops up, some text is displayed and at the end it says "Process completed" and nothing else happens.

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    Edit the .bat file


    At the end of the file. It will hold on screen and show what is happening

    Easier than explaining how to open a CMD prompt and typing the commands manually.
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    It already had the PAUSE at the end, kind off, because the next line had "Exit".
    I figured if I took out "Exit" it would pause it, didn't.
    Back to square one...

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