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Thread: FR24 shows Status as Offline

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    I ran the dump1090 alone from this screen:


    Using option 1, I modified the fr24feed.ini file and added it to the following line: procargs = "--net --device-index 1"


    I have started the fr24feed.exe file and this is what happens:

    FR24 Feeder.jpg

    FR24feed is not working Help! Please other solutions! Thank you so much
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    Unless you have 2 USB sticks. Make sure you reboot machine each time so dump1090 is not crashed and running in task manager. Else...

    Start again

    Right from removing the drivers and using Zadig again.

    Your have tried too many steps at once and setup is now too flawed to tell the problem

    You do not need to keep asking 'please help' each post. It is evident without mentioning
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers

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    Yes, I have two keys but I do not use them on one computer.

    I think it does not depend on the imperfect installation because it gave error on three different PCs! However I think I have solved, changing this line on the file fr24feed.ini procargs = "- net --device-index 0" instead of 1 or put the 0 on the contrary as previously communicated, the dump1090 by default connects to the device with index 0.

    I noticed that the mr-dump1090 is less selective at the reception of the rtl1090 of, this is because I'm testing Virtual Radar Server on two PCs one with mr-dump1090 and the other with rtl1090 with two different antennas, although inverting the antennas results the best rtl1090.

    Friends thank you for your helpful help provided on the FR24 Forum.

    Below are my screens.



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