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Sorry for late reply. Have missed your post earlier.

Following are possibilities
(1) The Dongle is not properly plugged into Pi. Unplug and replug it, and reboot Pi.
(2) If dongle is connected to Pi through a USB Cable, the cable is defective
(3) AC to 5V DC Power adapter is not good.
(4) Dongle is defective.
Thanks for your help, after proving the dongle on Windows I came to the conclusion the pi either has two faulty usb sockets or couldnít provide enough power (original model b) I realised I have a powered usb hub for another project and tried it - problem resolved ! The hub is actually being powered by the second USB port on the pi!

So maybe the later models of pi provide more power over usb - now to find the best placement and start playing with the software.

Thanks also to the mod who helped explain and release my post

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