What I'm trying to do is using RTL1090.exe to control DVB-T stick. Let RTL1090 decode data then send to FR24_feed & Planeplotter.
When using old version FR24_feed, everything is OK.
Planeplotter use port 31001. FR24_feed use port 30003.
old config.jpg
However, after upgrading FR24_feed to latest version, here comes a conflict.
As described in help manual, when using RTL1090 feed data to FR24_feed, data should be AVR format.
New setting is:
new config.jpg
With this configuration, the scenario of RTL1090+Planeplotter could work well. The scenario of RtL1090+FR24_feed could also work well.
But, if starting RTL1090+Planeplotter+FR24_feed in sequence, only FR24_feed could receive data from RTL1090. Planeplotter's "Received off-air message rate" will drop to 0 immediately after FR24_feed is launched.
If sequence change to RTL1090+FR24_feed+Planeplotter, Planeplotter could work normally. FR24_feed will lose data feeding and turn to ping 1 ping 2 ping 3...
Seems like both Planeplotter & FR24_feed are connected to RTL1090 via port 31001, but only one of them could receive data.
Based on my understanding, these two application should only receive data from port 31001, not trying to control RTL1090 through it. So these two service should be able to exist simultaneously. Just like multiple clients could communicate with website's server port 80.

Did I set something wrong?
Any idea from you experts?

Many thanks.