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Thread: Raspberry Pi Zero W won't boot with Pi24-image

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    Raspberry Pi Zero W won't boot with Pi24-image

    Hi all,

    I try to set up Pi24 on a Raspberry Pi Zero W using the procedure on FR24's "Build your own ADS-B receiver"-page. However, my Raspberry won't even boot with the Pi24 on the SD-card (no green led indicating boot). The Pi will show up in Windows if I attach it to usb without the sd-card and it will boot if I burn eg. Raspbian Stretch Lite to the sd card (hence, my Pi is working). It could, of course, go on from there. But for the sake of simplicity I want to use the Pi24-image.

    Does anyone else have the same problem or any idea of what's going on.

    // Ola
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    last week I also tried the Pi24-image on my new Pi Zero W without success.
    The actual Version is obviously still not suitable for the Pi Zero.

    Meanwhile I installed FR24 the old fashion way and it works.
    The Pi Zero replaced a Pi3B using the same location, antenna, FA pro stick, cables etc.
    Unfortunately my statistics concerning aircraft seen, max. distance, positions reported etc. went down!

    Does someone here has an explanation for this or similar experience?

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