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Thread: App vs Website account

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    Question App vs Website account

    Are the logins for webpage and ios device the same? meaning, I have an account on but it's showing I have no subscription (It is the last day of the 3 month gold trial). yet on my ios device I do have the subscription. I obviously bought the upgrade and my itunes email is the same as my fr24 email. I"m guessing I wasn't logged in when I did the upgrade because I just logged in today. (I have never logged in to use the app, i never had to).

    my question is, how did i get a subscription w/o being logged in and how do i get my ios subscription to reflect on the webpage? i'm currently logged in on both and the phone has the subscription but the website doesn't.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing. thanks.

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    Hi FallenANjel,

    Sorry to hear you've had an issue with your subscriptions.

    Please note that once you create an account and sign up for a subscription, it can normally be used across all platforms (Android, iOS and Website). If you've signed up for a subscription through the iTunes store and not registered your account the app will still show the subscription benefits. Once you register/login inside the app, that subscription should then become valid on our website and your subscription should be displayed. If this isn't happening, could I kindly ask you to email with your email address from your iTunes account and we'll investigate further.

    Kind regards,
    Gaelan Support

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    i guess because I quoted your post and the email was in there it counted as a link and my post was deleted. Thank you Gaelan for your reply. The website now says 'gold". It changed today. so I'm wondering if the 3 months free trial didn't reflect on the website. Either way it's fixed now . Except I was waiting for a reply before upgradeing and now I was charged for Gold and I wanted Silver so I'm emailing support anyway.

    Thanks again.

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