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Thread: What Military Planes could these have been?

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    What Military Planes could these have been?

    While visiting Wales to watch RAF and USAF fast jets at the machloop there where a couple of planes that caught my eye, for example these two that where trackable off flightradar24. they had almost zero information about that exept there alititudes and speed and there callsigns. APOLLO13 and APOLLO14. These planes flew directly above me but i was unable to see the planes due to clouds however i could hear them. The sounded between a mix of a normal passanger jet and a Fight jet which are two distinct sounds of there own which confused me. They took off from. my only guess is that they are RAF A330s refuling the fast jets that train in the area but they take off from brize norton not coningsby which is where they came from. 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg

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    APOLLO14 - Typhoon - United Kingdom

    APOLLO13 - Typhoon - United Kingdom
    The above was used on Mode-S codes 001245 on Aug 3rd.

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