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When someone tries to activate Pi24, the activation page does NOT detect the new RPi running Pi24

Instead it sends to another page which asks user to run bash script to install fr24feed.

This is strange. Pi24 image already has fr24feed and dump1090 pre-installed. Why to reinstall these?

For Pi24 image, the user should be asked to run "fr24feed --signup", and not the bash script to re-install the already present and functioning fr24feed.

And the million dollar question is "Why activation page does not detect and list new Pi24?"
Would like to see the fr24 image feeder and dump1090 updated, they are now, as they were originally, and googles nasty money grabbing privacy invading demands of your personal info to get a map key are ridiculous, surely an update to open street map version 1090-muta...-15 (IIRC) would be favorable