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Thread: FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For website

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    Hi there,

    Would it be possible as a future feature, that when I create a filter I can select multiple airlines that I'm tracking into a one airport? At the moment I have to create multiple filters for the airlines arriving at that airport.


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    I would like to see the playback function repaired so that it works properly. It seems that the playback of flights more than a few days old is hosted on a different server that is powered by a toaster as instead of playback you get a slide show where it starts off with an empty map with the timer slowly incrementing then if you're lucky the planes will show up momentarily, move for 1 second then all the planes will disappear and you'll get a blank map again. Moving the time slider backwards and forwards a few mins occasionally fixes it to bring the planes back, but it's then just a repeat of the above slide show. Also the majority of the time when clicking on a plane to follow it nothing happens. The plane icon goes red and that's it. Occasionally it will try to load the details but 99% returns with "couldn't fetch data from server". In short, it is impossible to actually track a historical flight on the map without it constantly disappearing, reappearing, going backwards etc etc.

    Also the issue with the tags ghosting on the screen needs resolving too as this is worse than ever when scrolling around the map, constantly requiring page refreshes to clear them. I don't care that you've had a falling out with Google and their API map developers and it's all their fault; it's a feature that you offer to paid subscribers and it doesn't work so please find some way to fix it or hire someone that can.

    To cover the predictable reply that I'm zoomed out too far, I should invest in a higher spec PC, I should clear my cookies etc etc. All those have been investigated already and there are no issues at my end.

    <awaits the usual flaming>
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    Hi Folks,

    Coloured aircraft icons

    I am living to the east of London, England and regularly see aircraft at all flight levels into and out of LHR, LGW, LCY, SEN, STN, LTN and many flights from Europe to the Americas at higher levels, and a holding stack for LHR, making the sky very crowded at certain times of the day.

    All the aircraft icons are currently yellow, so for me, it would be a really useful option if the aircraft icons changed colour depending on their flight levels. It would be excellent if we could use the same colours as the 'contrails' we get when an aircraft is selected.

    I am on Windows, using Firefox to browse.

    Thanks for considering this.
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    I wish I could see the METAR information of the airports on the left tab when you click on the airport pin as in the APP! This new weather option is good, but you need to click there and then it will open a new page, which is not the map, and scroll down the page to simply see the METAR! It would be nice and easy to simply click on the pin and see the METAR with the others informations!

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    It would be welcome back if you could let the map loose beyond 90° of lattitude, both North and South, when the map is totally zoomed out as it already used to be one or two versions ago. Sometimes you just want to watch a narrow strip of the map with a few aircraft flying at high lattitude and when you totally zoom out the map you end up with almost or even all the world and thousands of flights. This way one user would be able to create bookmarks let's say 70° N or 50° S for example.

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    I'd like to receive a mail when my raspberry/feeder is going offline. Such mail would enable me to know when to reset the connection so my feeder is going online again.

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