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Thread: FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For website

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsunami View Post
    You have to click on the "Show Route" Button in lower left corner. Then all other traffic disappear.
    Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately "Show Route" doesn't work in Playback mode if the aircraft has its origin displayed as N/A.

    Here's an example, the GLF5 has its registration and origin blocked in the sidebar and clicking "Show Route" does nothing.

    But you can scroll manually along its flightpath to trace its origin to Teterboro.

    In that case, perhaps the "Show Route" button could be programmed to hide the other traffic even if it can't zoom to the full route?
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    Please switch the WND direction and speed. In aviation, the WND direction always comes before speed.

    WND Change.jpg

    Please change this to KTS. Or, allow user to change/switch between KM/KTS/MPH

    WND Change 2.jpg

    Please include NM.

    Distance Change.jpg

    Please allow user to select how they want to filter this search. Please allow user to filter/view by Time/Flight/From/Airline/Aircraft. By that, maybe I want to view all the 737s that arrived. Or maybe I want to view by airline.

    Search Change.jpg

    Please allow user to lock this search area in place. If I select an airline but want to search for another, I have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page.

    Airline List Change.jpg

    Thank you

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    A radio button option to just display what users are actually supplying from their own adsb radar, in the normal map. maybe just slightly different colour coded.

    I have never been able to get the clunky Radar - Local data to work, plus this is not available in the mobile edition.

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    Are these being read?

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