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Thread: FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For apps (iOS and Android)

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    There is a filter that you can use,.. Its called Airports,. And you can set it for In and Out traffic.
    Or just the In traffic,.. Or just the out traffic

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    Couple of things that would make life easier:

    1. A Pause button on the main live map, for when I'm switching away from FR24 to do something else and don't want it slowing everything else down. At present I do a three-click-pause by starting a replay and hitting the pause button.

    2. Alerts that are generated when an aircraft enters the sharing system, not just when FR24 calculates a position for it from MLAT. Since FR24 knows the strongest uploader signal at any point in time it also has a rough idea of where the aircraft is, which should be enough to trigger an alert that it's airborne. Often the alerts never trigger for small aircraft / helicopters because MLAT never succeeds.
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