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Thread: Airport name is the same as an airport near by therefore incorrect

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    Exclamation Airport name is the same as an airport near by therefore incorrect


    Since I cannot post links, hopefully you can easily find the issue. On the map are two airports that are about 10 miles from each other. The first is "Kansas City International Airport) identified by KMCI. The second one is "Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport) Identified by KMKC. The issue is that when you click on the map icon marker for either of those airports, they both have the same name of Kansas City International Airport. This is also concurrent when you go to each airports page on the website as they both are listed as Kansas City International Airport.

    Hopefully this can get fixed and that is all I wanted to share! Thanks and happy flying.

    Edit: Added a screenshot from the map of each airport selected and the name remaining same.

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    Thanks for reporting this. This issue is now resolved. Now, both airports are being displayed as:
    -Kansas City Downtown Airport (MKC/KMKC) and -Kansas City International Airport (MCI/KMCI).
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