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Thread: Radarcape stopped feeding

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    Radarcape stopped feeding


    My Radarcape stopped feeding FR24 on Sunday and I have not been able to get it working again. Below is the startup sequence listed on the Radarcape's FR24 Feeder Status page:

    Startup Sequence
    28.03.17 06:50:51(G) cannot stop thread: not working
    28.03.17 06:52:07(G) cannot stop thread: not working
    28.03.17 06:52:07(G) Command: .//fr24feed_arm-le --mlat=yes --fr24key=my_key
    28.03.17 06:52:07(G) EXIT Feeder Supervision
    28.03.17 06:52:07(G) Return code=32512


    I emailed support and their response was:


    the FR24 feeder ist a 3rd party product and I don't have any knowledge about the meaning about the return code. If it happens several times, please contact
    Any ideas of a fix or something else to check? I am running the latest firmware (170226.1600.01A), and the other feed I have setup for flightaware is working without issue.
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