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Hi Guys

I am a user of your great app, both Android and IOS, I am really flabbergasted at all the bad reviews I am seeing on the Google Play Store and the IOS App Store.

I cannot quite believe that such a respected app developer like you guys have resulted in this way of charging people, please before this gets irratrievable can you reconsider your stance for genuine supporters of FR24, I paid for many upgrades on your original app and basically you have dumped me and many, many others.

I love your app and would be happy to pay for a one off fee, please reconsider your ethos before it's to late.

Hi Peter,

First of all thank you for supporting Flightradar24 and buying the app. We are reading all reviews on both Android and iOS. Flightradar24 was launched 11 years ago and apps were launched 7 years ago. The cost of the app has been around 1.99-2.99€. For that amount users have been able to use the app and have been receiving updates for up to 7 years without any costs. Most users got much more features than they initially paid for.

To change business model from one time payment to subscription was not easy but completely inevitable. We have a lot of ongoing costs to keep Flightradar24 up and running, including server hosting (30+ servers), network/data usage (sending terabytes of data every day), increasing number of employees (30+), building the global network where more and more installations are done in remote areas with higher installation costs (in total 6000+ installations), airline schedules, saving terabytes of historical data, plus direct costs like weather and aeronautical charts where we pay for each loaded layer to a third party data provider. Flightradar24 is offering an ongoing service, with ongoing costs so we have to charge an ongoing fee. We think that everyone can understand that a company with ongoing costs can't survive with a one time payment fee.

We can also compare to other services like Spotify, Netflix, Photoshop or why not your petrol och milk provider. You can't pay a small one time fee, and keep using their services/products with free updates year after year after year.

The new app offers a lot of new features for free. A silver subscription which will eliminate ads and add some extra features cost just $9.99 per year, and if you want to go all in a gold subscription is $3.99 per month.

To summarize the situation we are offering users that have previously bought the Pro app, to keep using the app just like before. They also got a special offer to try the New app, which in many cases has a value of 2-6 times more that they have paid for the Pro app. We know that many people are upset and disappointed, but in a reality where we pay money for each page/app load we can't offer the New app for a one time fee. We are now sharing the same structure with the same features between apps and web, and when you buy a subscription on one platform it gives you access to all platforms. We will keep developing and adding new features to give our users as much value as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support.