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Thread: Multiple feeding on RPi

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    Quote Originally Posted by wb0rur View Post
    ....However, this time when I "customized the dump1090 gmap, instead of the signal strength in the RSSI column which I added, I am seeing the letters "RSSI" there (instead of the signal strength numbers). I guess I must have fat fingered something? I've re-edited it a couple times with the same results. What am I missing?
    You have not mentioned it, but It seems that you are referring to method in Post #10 of thread "How to Install dump1090-mutability 1-15-dev-on-RPi".

    Try Clear browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and Reload Browser (Ctrl+F5).
    If above does not solve the problem then:

    (1) Do NOT type, instead COPY-PASTE the lines of code to be added.

    (2) You have to add 4 lines of codes at 4 different locations as shown in red color. Check to make sure you added all the 4 lines, and at correct locations.
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