Hi all.
Now into my second week of feeding and hooked already lol.
I'm using the Nooelec dongle (Aluminum case) on my Win 7 PC and the supplied mag mount with a trimmed down antenna (52mm I think) indoors.
I can get up to 60nm at best.
I was advised by FR24 that I probably wouldn't qualify for the free kit so was looking for advice on what's best.
I want to move away from having to have the PC on 24/7 and hope to install an outdoor antenna.
Now, being in the UK, can someone please point me in the direction of a decent antenna that won't cost an arm and a leg lol
I was recommended to go with a Raspberry Pi but know nothing about them. The walkthroughs in the forum look pretty straight forward though, so what would be the best kit to go for ?

Thanks for any help in advance.