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Thread: how much far should it be for ground traffic?

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    how much far should it be for ground traffic?

    hi, i want to set up a new adsb receiver for LTBC (OGU) ORDU-GİRESUN airport.i have raspberry,dvb-t stick and homemade ads-b much far it must be to see ground traffic?

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    I am some 17.7KMs from my airport and I still see ground traffic with my high gain antenna. However as it is only sometimes, my 'on ground' data appears to be ignored by Flightradar. You do need to be near line-of-sight for very low data

    I am not sure if the option is enabled automatically or manually on request if ground data can be proven

    During software start you can see 'Ground traffic: No/Yes' option shown. But this is the only place you see it mentioned.
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    Ground traffic is always a problem, the antenna on the aircraft is on the underside, that means when it has landed it is close to the ground and screened by the body and wings of the aircraft, I can get ground aircraft some of the time at my local airport but I am only around 2km from the runway, unless you can actually see the runway from the antenna location you will probably not pick up much on the ground, I can often get ground vehicles at another airport around 30km away but that is because they have the antennas on the roof of the vehicles, I don't get any ground aircraft at that distance though.
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