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Thanks Father O'Blivion for clarification. So many places in the forums say don't use DVBT with Dump 1.15. Wish old info could be weeded out to avoid confusion.
Wiedehopf, thanks for the info, I will see if I can sort out a spectrum scan but got a lot on my plate before I fly back to UK on 4 Sept. I had hoped to leave a good system running before I leave.
That does stand true.

at the moment I'm on the old stick and using DVBT setting
With that the assumption is made it was that all along.

Now you mention 1.15. I'm guessing it wasn't really an image download?
I built the RPi usinga downloaded image
If you follow one of the guides and install dump1090 dev 1.14/5 they all explicitly setup differently and say don't choose DVBT.

If you have made that change since buying the new one changed that as a part of the test, too late. The changes would have been made and it will have been over-written and have a different setup than it started with