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Thread: QUICK SPIDER - No Soldering, No Connector

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    Quote Originally Posted by mibock View Post
    Do I understand it correctly that

    - the outer wires have no contact to the inner wire?
    The outer wires are connected only to the braid & shield of coax. These have no connection to central wire of coax.

    - that this kind of antenna helps against doughnut-effect with very near planes during landing and starting?
    No, it does not eliminate doughnut effect, but nearby planes are picked somewhat better than a high gain antenna.

    - that the blue plastic-thing helps reflect waves from nearby planes?
    Totally wrong. The blue plastic thing is a support, and does NOT contribute or affect antenna performance

    - does the blue plastic-thing helps with nearby planes if I put it under the 68cm flight-aware-antenna I have bought?
    No, it wont help. It has no effect on antenna performance. It is just a support.
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