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Thread: Power Accu for RaPi and FR24

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    Power Accu for RaPi and FR24

    I have a question about UPS and power accu for Raspberry Pi (3):

    Although I live in Switzerland with a very good source of electricity, the power supply for my RaPi is interrupted sometimes due to experiments of my son ( ….. no comments…..). It seems that RaPi restart as soon as the power is back but to FR24 feeder software doesn't until I plug off and in again the micro USB manually.

    I think a USP could resolve this. For RaPi joy-it (strompi 2) offers a hardware solution but maybe a power accu could also be a solution? To secure the 5 volts output I work with a high quality short USB cable and a VARTA 16'000 mAh power accu:


    Problem: The LED (RED and YELLOW) starts blinking but after a while the LEDs start blinking GREEN and turn on and off and the RED LED turns off. I am wondering that RaPi still works but no data are uploaded anymore to FR24. The ADS-B USB stick form Flightradar is very power consuming (about 550 mAh) but the power accou should deliver enough power and also the needed 5 volts.

    What is your view and how can I resolve the challenge of having interrupted power? Thanks in advance for your support.

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    are you sure that powerbank is designed to be charged and to give 5V 2A at the same time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amper View Post

    are you sure that powerbank is designed to be charged and to give 5V 2A at the same time?
    Surely not. I mean the infomercial shows you starring cars with 400A alternators after all

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    Congratulations and respect to this neat professional installation!

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