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Thread: Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

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    Quote Originally Posted by abcd567 View Post
    The SSH no more works by default in Raspbian releases since end of 2016. Creating a blank file named ssh or ssh.txt in /boot sector of microSD card enables SSH.

    To enable SSH in headless operation (i.e. no GUI, no hdmi/monitor, no mouse & no keyboard), follow these steps:

    (1) Remove microSD card from Pi and insert into a card reader and insert card reader into Laptop/ Desktop (on which you wrote the latest Raspbian image).

    (2) Open command prompt console of desktop/laptop, and give command

    echo >E:\ssh

    Note: Instead of letter E, use drive letter of your microSD card.

    The above command will create a file named ssh in /boot directory of your microSD card.

    (3) Reinsert the microSD card in RPi and power up. SSH will start working.

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    Much easier than connecting monitor+keyboard, thanks!

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    Step 2 in my previous post is open command prompt and give command echo > E:\ssh.

    An alternate to this step is to double click on drive E in windows explorer. This will open a folder showing all files in /boot folder of microSD card. Right click, and select New text document. Rename the new text document ssh (or ssh.txt if file extension is shown).

    Note: Replace letter E in my post by actual drive letter of microSD card as shown in your Windows Explorer.

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