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Thread: Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

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    I am running the programs on my Stratux, in case any one wants to know if its possible. I just bought a separate SD card and installed everything there. the stratux SDR's work fine. So when I go flying, I just swap the sd cards. Now that I see how it works I may just build a dedicated one to leave running all the time.
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    I did a fresh install and this time avoided the Advance options. After completion I get a empty blank page on my web browser even after reboot my pi feeder. What could be wrong? I followed your guide very strictly and still no luck. I just want to get the ADS-B Performance Graph up only. Is there a another way just to install the Performance Graph up only minus the whole web portal?

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    Try clearing browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and Reload browser (Ctrl+F5)

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