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Thread: GUI for Debian Installation (FR24 Image)

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    GUI for Debian Installation (FR24 Image)

    Dear Forum

    I am neither an experienced Linux nor a Flightradar User but I already had my first success yesterday . I bought a Raspberry Pi3 and the ADS-B stick with a little antenna (I intend to install an antenna on our roof later but I want to try out first if it works). Thereafter I downloaded the image from FR24 (Latest version is 1.0.18-7 (2016-07-12)) and installed the image on the sd card. To configure Swiss Keyboard Layout and to activate the WLAN I had to work with SUDO commands (not an easy task for a well experienced Windows user ....) - happy to have google search !!

    Well, the system seems to work (T-LSZH153 ..... yeeeaaa) and I am wondering how may flights have already been tracked with this little small antenna. What I still miss is a graphical user interface for Raspberry Pi to make changes even easier then working with SODO commands. I also intend to enable Remote Desktop (if possible) so that an external monitor is not needed anymore.

    How do I activate GUI and is it possible to activate also RDS?

    Thanks in advance for your support - please excuse this base question form a beginner.


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    It's not included in the Pi Image I think.

    Normal linux has a number of guis, one of them being 'X' however none of them will help you as they use more resources on a Pi (Make other tasks like aircraft decoding slower) and also do not add to the config experience.

    You still NEED to use commandline or the web interface even with a GUI

    Be sure to take notes of the tips I outlined..
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