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Thread: What's the best way to setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by abcd567 View Post
    Dont rush, one step at a time. First purchase DVB-T dongle only. The whip antenna comes as part of the DVB-T package and you dont have to purchase it separetely. You dont have to purchase a Pi initially. Simply plug in the DVB-T dongle into your desktop or laptop.

    Once your system is up and running, you may go ahead for variations & improvements.
    Thats good sound advice from abcd567.

    I started off with the DVB stick and small whip running on a pc, I now have it running on a Raspberry Pi3 connect to a Radar-Rama antenna (see pic). At the moment the antenna is in the roof space of my garage, this is limiting the range somewhat. My plan, when funds allow, is to mount the antenna on the cable end of my house, this should improve the range considerably.

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    And please allow me another advice:
    Spend a lot of time in this forum and read, read, read, .........
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    Quote Originally Posted by majo View Post
    And please allow me another advice:
    Spend a lot of time in this forum and read, read, read, .........
    Good advice.

    PS not all dongles come with an antenna, many have option to buy with antenna.
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