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Thread: Solar Impulse 2 New York - Seville leg June 2016

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    Solar Impulse 2 New York - Seville leg June 2016

    The voyage of the Solar Impulse is a unique and exciting planespotting opportunity! I'm lovin' it!!

    You can watch and listen live at the Solar Impulse 2 website, which is excellent. I can't post a link since I'm new here.
    And, of course, also follow on Flightradar24. Attached is the image from my phone (filtered to lower altitudes only).

    Note the plane doesn't appear on FlightRadar24 when the plane's telemetry is down/off (i.e. when the telemetry data also isn't showing on the Solar Impulse website). Also, the takeoff/landing times are not correct on FlightRadar24 so check the plane's website for that info.

    Kudos to the Flightradar24 team for giving the plane it own unique icon (on Flightradar24 website only) to make it easier to find among the air traffic.

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