Please scroll down to see the test result graphs at the bottom.

(1) The three antennas under test were:
  • (a) Coiled Whip
    (b) Stock Whip
    (c) Optimized Whip

(2) In order to minimize number of variables, only the removable parts of Whips were interchanged. All other hardware, location, and software/gain settings were identical. Even the same mag mount base & RG174 coax cable was used for all the three whips.

(3) In order to be sure that results are not influenced due to fluctuation in traffic, test were conducted twice.
  • (a) First test between 2pm & 3 pm
    (b) Repeat test between 4pm & 5pm

Photo 1 - Three Antennas

Photo 2 - Test Setup

Photos 3 & 4 - Results of First Test

Photos 5 & 6 - Results of Repeat Test