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Thread: Out of date Airways and waipoints

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    Hi Nicolele33,

    Thanks for providing this information, when looking at the Chambery area, I was able to see the new waypoints PIRUV, GOVNA and RILTI when viewing "High altitude", as seen in the below screen shot:


    When looking at the latest High and Low charts from Eurocontrol ( I was unable to see "BEKRI, RIPTU and EKNOS", and I was unable to locate "BADOR" on Flightradar24 or Eurocontrol. Are you able to provide some further information about these missing points?


    Quote Originally Posted by nicolele33 View Post
    For example in Chambery area (near Geneva) VIRIE, GONIX, KOKAX, LOPTO, NIMEX and REVPA were replaced by new waypoints : PIRUV, GOVNA, RILTI .....
    In Lyon Area BEKRI, RIPTU and EKNOS aren't shown in the waypoints layer.
    Also BADOR waypoint doesn't exist in Lyon area.
    If you need I can send you a chart. Support

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    Hi Gaelan,
    To be more precise PIRUV, GOVNA, KENZO, LUVOB, NAZIM, BANEK, BAGAP, and OSRIM are WPT used for SID or STAR, they have to be in lower altitude viewing.
    WPt in lower altitude viewing VIRIE, GONIX, LOPTO, NIMEX, KOKAX, OTKOL, LB700, LB701 and L1 doesn't exist anymore.
    Please find attached a chart of Chambery airspace found in French AIP:
    Chambery area.jpg
    Their coordinates can be found in French AIP Section ENR 4.3 (I can't provide you a link)
    BADOR was removed since I contact you.
    To my point of view waypoint used for SID/STAR or APCH have to be only in the lower altitude viewing not in "high" one.

    Thanks for taking in account my remarks.


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