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Thread: How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramimz View Post
    i totally understand and respect your hard work, but i think something isn't working here.
    maybe a new step by step guide for the new raspberry pi release (Linux 10 Buster)
    I do have to ask

    Why re-break it when it was working?
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    because he gave me an error when i try to install "READ & SET GAIN FROM BROWSER / DUMP1090 MAP"
    and after reboot, it was stuck in home screen, and not loading the OS.

    now i finished step 10 without any problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oblivian View Post
    I do have to ask

    Why re-break it when it was working?
    The building of dump1090-mutability package from source required older versions of librtlsdr0 and librtlsdr-dev. This was done by "wget" and "dpkg -i" commands in Step (1).

    The problem appeared when ramimz tried to install fr24feed (Step 10), which failed due to old librtlsdr0 and librtlsdr-dev packages.
    When the dump1090-mutability package is built and installed, librtlsdr0 and librtlsdr-dev packages can be upgraded without affecting dump1090-mutability.
    I therefore added upgrade in Step (5) i.e. After installation of dump1090-mutability, but before imstallation of fr24feed.
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