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Thread: SBS-1e and ModeSMixer2 and VRS not getting any messages

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    SBS-1e and ModeSMixer2 and VRS not getting any messages

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to get data from my SBS-1e into VRS (Virtual Radar Server). Because VRS can't connect directly to the SBS-1e I need to use ModeSMixer2.

    I've get things setup correctly I think, but it's not working. ModeSMixers connects to the SBS-1e, and VRS also connects to ModeSMixer, but I'm not seeing any messages.

    My startline : modesmixer2 --inConnect --outServer avr:10101 --web 8080
    At startup I get this log:
    2016-03-05 17:01:49.006 INFO ModeSMixer2 v.20150825
    2016-03-05 17:01:49.011 INFO outServer(avr:10101) started
    2016-03-05 17:01:49.015 INFO inConnect( connecting
    2016-03-05 17:01:49.019 INFO inConnect( connected
    2016-03-05 17:01:49.120 INFO outServer(avr:10101) connected

    So this does look good. Also in VRS I see connected, but Total Messages 0, Bad Messages 0, Aircraft Tracked 0
    In VRS I have set the feed format to 'AVR or Beast Raw Feed' also tried others.

    Any ideas what could be going wrong?

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    SBS are tricky as their data is an odd encrypted format

    From what I can gather, if you have basestation (the app) open anywhere in line here to initiate the SBS, it also outputs RAW on 30006 when enabled. You can try and configure it for that PC and ports IP.

    Or 30003

    I've made a couple of example setups, but they need to be verified by an SBS owner.
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    change the --outServer "format"

    for ex. --outServer msg:30003

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