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    FR24 coverage in flight

    I want to know why FR24.COM can operate in flight at FL38,000ft and you can see maps track aircraft. Yet why on the ground that the planes or aircraft disappear after certain ALT. Yet Flightawarecom...
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    FR24 BLANK MAPS on apps

    Why is it that FR24.COM maps are blank when I am using the app on my apple iphone 6s I get orange a/c then yellow a/c sometimes nothing is there some glitch in the system at all.?? this was occurring...
  3. Air New Zealand's future fleet orders of the B773-319

    I am interested to know if someone can tell me if anz has completed there orders for the Boeing 777-319. The last two aircraft delivered were ZK-OKR, ZK-OKS now active flying was there meant to be...
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