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less bulky RTL2832U dongle, that does not block 3 USB ports from the Pi

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    Originally posted by RIN67630 View Post
    Its stock web browser is very demanding and IMHO behaves deceivingly slow.
    It's slowness doesn't deceive me! I can see it's slow

    I once connected a nice HDMI monitor to my RPi2 and thought it would be cool to have a display of Dump 1090 on permanently using the RPi's web browser, puh what a waste of effort that was? The browser took an aeon to load and when it did it would really struggle to refresh as aircraft moved or numbers changed.

    Whoever named the browser Epiphany certainly saw the irony in it!
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      Coming back to title of this thread, I did not find a dvb-t dongle which does not block the other two usb ports, but I did find another Pi where the arrangement of usb ports is such that if dvb-t is inserted in the top usb port (see photo below). The other 2 usb port are not blocked. This Pi is Orange Pi PC, cost $15 from I am using it for last 3 months and I am very satisfied.

      Note: power supply port is NOT micro usb. It is barrel pin. The power adapter sold by the seller of the board has matching pin.

      For adsb use, the best OS for it is "Armbian" (Jessie 8 lite) or Ubuntu Vivid Mate.

      I purchased Set 5 (Orange Pi PC + Case + Ac/dc adapter) for $23 + shipping $5.89 = $28.59

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        Thank you for that info. separating the USB ports is a brilliant idea.


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          Originally posted by RIN67630 View Post
          Thank you for that info. separating the USB ports is a brilliant idea.
          Yes sure, and so is the idea to make one port vertical instead of horizontal, saving valuable width of pi.

          And look at the price! $15 for the board. I payed $28.89 for Pi+power spply+case+shipment!