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Rasberry Pi and the config details

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  • Rasberry Pi and the config details

    Hi, I got my Rasberry Pi installed with the recommended software according the to "fr24feed_manual.pdf" and started the sudo fr24feed -*‐-*‐signup command to start the config.
    Step 1.1 = email address ok

    Step 1.2 = New to this so left it empty

    Step 2 = I'm very close to ENHS small local airport but that is not in the database, instead it came up with ENNO when I entered map coordinates in 3a and 3b.
    Anyway... I type in No and the config ended so I started all over again and types Yes to ENNO even if it 2 hours driving from where I live, ENHS is 5 minutes way.

    So to another problem, it ask in 4.1 for the USB stick, maybe the manual should be more detailed in this point telling a bit of what these 5 types are.
    The same for 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6a, 6b I have no idea if I made something wrong here

    Finally I think I made it, at least I got a radar ID to an airport fare from me but I hope it can be moved to where I am

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    The airport you got assigned to is not really important. But if you contact they can change you assigned airport. The important thing is your own coordinates which must be in degrees with a decimal point NOT degrees, minuts and seconds. Otherwise the MLAT calculations involving your feed will be off.


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      ^^ What he said. The GPS co-ords are used to limit erroneous data outside your region if there are faulty transponders reporting bad location and for calculations between others

      You can tell if your sticks working by sudo service fr24feed status. Or stopping it, and typing sudo fr24feed start (ctrl-z to quit out) less the service, which gives full output. The friendly way is to login using the premium option on the web page with your in-app registered email and check the status page.

      And yes, updated docs has been suggested and hopefully being worked on now.
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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        Thank you both for info :-)
        My only problem now is to get back online...
        My USB 12v-> 5v adapter shorted after a few hours and sent 12v directly into my Pi so now I have one fried Pi
        Already ordered a new one so in a few days I will be online again