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  • My new setup

    Today I had some time to install a new antenna on the flat roof of my house.
    DSCF1752 30p.jpg

    The ballasted antenna mast (for satellite dish) is placed on rubber tiles to protect the roof.
    Height of the mast is about 70cm.

    The coverage improved significantly. Range went from 140nm on the balcony to 238nm.
    What also really improved was the number of planes, which went from the usual 40 to approx. 140!
    Also the radar plot show significant improvement

    Comparison 50p.jpg

    My setup:
    HW: Raspberry PI B2 + Adafruit 2.2" display + RTL Cube DVB-T USB stick + Jetvision Diapason MCX Antenna
    SW: Raspian 3.18.14-v7 + Dump1090-mutability + FR24 feeder + FAfeeder

    The only thing I would like to now is to have something monitoring dump1090 on my adafruit display.
    As I understand the --interactive parameter is not working when feeding.
    I am grateful for any hint.

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    Goes to show what clear sight for the antenna can achieve. I reckon that mount isn't going to move in a hurry with those concrete tiles on it - the 1090 antenna is nothing compared to a sat dish !!

    Is that a roof vent that the cable disappears down ?

    Congratulations !!


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      Originally posted by rodeo View Post
      Is that a roof vent that the cable disappears down ?
      Yes, it was installed as we build the house with the idea to place solar panels one day.
      The vent goes to a room where the heater is installed.
      Until yesterday it was capped on the inside and not used. Now it has a purpose.


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        Excellent, this antenna (diapason) is better than other?


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          Sorry, I have no comparison of other antenna's (except for the antenna included with the RTL stick).