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ADS-B on the Beaglebone Black uisng a DVB-T dongle

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  • SpaxmoidJAm
    Guide is very good i managed to following and got it working found a couple of things though.

    when upgrading i found i had an error where it said theres wasnt enough space (think root user space got filled up)

    found this solution on google

    # opkg --tmp-dir ~ update
    # opkg --tmp-dir ~ upgrade

    if i've read that correctly rather than using the root user space it uses the tmp dir which i s not in the root user space.

    i might add that the beagleboneblack has been sat around since they came out so it was proper out of date. if i had a spare sd card i would have updated the eMMC that way.

    When you make the script in your tutorial make the script excuteable 'chmod +x /usr/local/src/dump1090/' then it started as a service properly i was getting status=203/EXEC error with the status command.

    After installing ntp you do need to edit the /etc/ntp.conf and remove the example server and and for example 'server' then any more server lines you want the server then starts properly and updates the time.
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  • gariac
    I'm probably going to use parts designed for POE rather than hack. Injectors aren't that expensive. Finding a cheap isolated power supply is a bit harder, but this seems to be a decent deal.
    They also have a more fully integrated solution, but it isn't isolated.

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  • peterhr
    I did it on the pi using these passive POE injectors

    one of these regulators (it's good for an input of about 8v to 24v)

    The regulator doesn't get warm - so is fairly lossless ... If yo are feeding at 15v to get 5v at 1A out, the 15v will be about 1/3A

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  • gariac
    I'm going to need 3.3V for the GPS, which I could do with a LDO. So you do you use passive POE injectors on both ends?

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  • 1090 MHz
    As for the Power over Ethernet I can help you out with that. Typical PoE hardware sends 48 volts to the device, and the device uses an internal voltage regulator to reduce the voltage. This is done to compensate for any voltage line loss over the cat5. 48 Volts is a bit overkill in your situation.. I would recommend using 12 volts and using a 5 volt regulator at the Beaglebone.

    Here is a voltage regulator that can take 12 and give you 5 volts @ up to 1 amp.


    Ultra-Small Lm2596 Power Supply Module Dc / Dc Buck 3A Adjustable Buck Module Regulator Ultra Lm2596S 24V Switch 12V 5V 3V

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  • ADS-B on the Beaglebone Black uisng a DVB-T dongle

    This is my first cut at a page explaining how to decode ads-b/mode-s with a DVB-T dongle and the Beaglebone Black. The idea is to decode right by the antenna, then feed the data via ethernet to a network.

    This installation is using Angstrom linux, which is what is supplied on the Beaglebone Black. Eventually I will try this on a few more linux distributions. I set it up on ubuntu and it worked, but I just wasn't in the mood to study "upstart" to harden the implementation. I managed to get systemd working on the Beaglebone Black and it looks rugged. That is, you can kill the instance of dump1090 running and the program reloads automatically. And of course it starts to run when you power the Beaglebone Black.

    The next phase is to experiment with power over ethernet.