I hope this isnt a duplicate post as I've searched to see if it is posted elsewhere to no avail and I've no real knowledge of antenna theory, nor can I vouch for this antenna but I found it on the net recently and thought it may be of use to some one. The guy in the vid makes it look very simple.

I do have a small amount of the RG6 cable being used in the vid (he could do with a good kleenex tissue for his nose too so I hope the antenna performs better than his snoz) and I'm thinking I may try to make one of these antennas just to see if I can. I'll do a follow up on this in the following weeks;


The following may also help anyone wishing to make this 'home brew' antenna;


Perhaps some one with a little more knowledge than I have may wish to comment on the vid before I (or anyone else) wastes any time attempting to make or use it.