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flightradar24 free equipment's and commissioning video

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  • flightradar24 free equipment's and commissioning video

    I had recently received the free equipment's from flightradar24 as there was no feeds being provided in and around North Bengal, and the equipment's were approved by them and it was sent to me and i did a small video about the equipment's they had sent to me. After the commissioning of the device i was able to log planes as far as more than 400 Kms away. I was really surprised as the antenna was really powerful to receive those signals. But the height at which i had placed the antenna is also good.(around 60 foots with no obstacles in between)
    I had actually two videos to let the members see
    (i) Unpacking the free equipment's and
    (ii) Commissioning of the flightradar24 but i was able to only post one video, but you can get the link from my first video therefore kindly see the second video also.

    And here are the videos

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    nice to see a video of it after seeing them in pictures. thanks. The antenna really is good judging on its small size and at the right location and height, it really has good reception.


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      I did not get a gift


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        Don't feel sad!!!, just keep on doing good work for flightradar24 and they will definitely provide in the near future


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          This was the original post (Quoted below.) that was in this thread, i have moved it here as the replies where about Raspberry.

          The information relevant to this thread is highlighted in BOLD

          Originally posted by Jayant

          I'm a newbie here, and am currently trying to build a Raspberry based unit which can be mounted on a rooftop right next to the antenna. I have a specific question regarding equipment shipping to India, since you got the entire kit from FR24 by mail. Was there any specific requirement to get the radio gear through customs here? Is a ham licence or any extra paperwork required? I'm planning on ordering a 1090 MHz antenna since I'm currently running off a magfoot whch comes with the DVB-T USB tuner, and that's pretty limited.

          Would apreciate your inputs on getting 1090 MHz gear into India on mail order.

          Thanks, and that's amazing coverage from Siliguri!
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            Well, actually the equipment's that FR24 sent to me was very prompt instead, i received the kit within maybe a span of around 20 days and i had not submitted any of my license and did not go to any customs. I only got a confirmation from FR24 that the item was shipped and i would receive soon and after some days i got it in a regular Indian Mail. It was hassle free. I myself was really surprised that i got it so soon, one drawback was that i was not able to track, but it arrived in one piece


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              Thanks for the response. It removes one of my doubts in getting radio equipment into India by post. I was worried that it may have some customs problems.
              Thanks again, and keep that superb Bagdogra coverage going, specially since Kolkata and Kathmandu seem to be offline!
              T-VABB7 | RTL dongle + Raspberry Pi + dump1090 + Bulgarian 5dBi collinear


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                Hi Raikut,

                Thanks for taking the time to make the videos as it's always nice to see other system installations especially from India.

                In the second video at the end I had to catch my breath when I saw your maintenance man on the edge of that very high up roof with no harness or safety line.

                What is that behind him a cell phone antenna site ? What is your building you say a Hotel?


                Take care and be safe !