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expierence with receiver Navilock GNS ADS-B ??

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    Originally posted by Bill2002 View Post
    first the MCX adaptor we are using is a standard adaptor. May be its not actual your standard.
    G'Day Bill.
    Anmer does have a point re supplying MCX adapters yourself, but in my opinion...
    Your should SELL them off your web site when you sell someone your ads-b decoder.
    Selling USB extension cables might be a good idea too.

    The MCX socket used on the GNS 5890 is an UNUSUAL size, but now I have one, I can understand WHY you have done it... to keep the 5890 as small as possible.
    Fitting a BNC connector would have made the receiver at least twice as thick (probably more).

    Personally, I have coax with male N connectors on both ends, so purchased an N female to MCX male from a company here in Australia, and had next day delivery.
    (In fact, it arrived before the GNS did). Anyone not wanting to deal with China direct, check these guys out... (located in Melbourne Vic Australia)
    The only drawback, is they have a minimum product order of AU$10 (excluding postage) so it's virtually impossible to order 'just one' connector.
    However, I should have ordered 2, because my DVB-T dongle arrived yesterday from the USA, and uses a Female MCX socket as well :-(

    Mind you... My current setup is not the most ideal, because the coax I have (Andrew Heliax) is not very flexible - meaning that the coax to GNS/DVB-T to PC combo is very limited in where I can position everything.
    My partial solution is to use a USB extension cable, plug the GNS into that (several meters away from the PC) allowing me greater feeder choices for the coax.

    BTW Anmer, I'm now feeding into FR24 as YMMB2 (after lots of your help!). So THANKS MATE!
    I've just about given up on PlanePlotter though - it's just too hard trying to get the maps sorted / working.

    Regards, Greg.
    (disclaimer: End user, not associated with any company selling adsb gear, coax, or connectors)
    GNS 5890 (German), 2 x DVB-T Dongles (China / USA), Mobile One SAN-1090 external base antenna (Australian), Heliax coax (USA).
    HDSDR, Plane Plotter (full version, but not working), adsbScope, Virtual Radar.