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  • Flightaware ProStick Plus at Amazon . com


    • yes, i have already purchased that one, maybe it will arrive on weekend.

      thank you abcd567


      • today is a good day =)

        Aircraft (total): 57
        (with positions): 47
        Messages: 191.4/sec

        gain is on 45


        • I just bought an antenna after some DIY attempts.

          It's not an original Antenna, but built by an enthusiast and adjusted electronically to exactly the required frequency.
          Slightly better than my DIY versions and in a waterproof outdoor tube.

          Range went up 10-20 NM and aircraft getting closer to the airport are seen "longer" before they disappear due to their altitude.

          peak numbers today:
          aircraft: 150
          Messages: 1250/sec
          gain: 49.6

          I will try a little lower gain to verify if it improves.

          So far i am satisfied especially with the antenna only indoor.
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          • wow, can you send us a picture of the dump1090 map, and what kind of antenna did you do?

            and how do you adjusted it?



            • Sure, here we go. The screenshot of the map was taken yesterday at approx 3:30pm my time with plenty of traffic.
              The chart is showing the last 24 hours.

              I'm already at my geographical maximum based on, so there seem to be not much room for improvement.
              Forget about the way i mounted the antenna, this was for testing only, i'm currently checking a better and more reliable socket

              The message rate of around 1200/sec is also the maximum which can be expected from that type of stick. For more you will need a different equipment (e.g. Airspy)
              I did not adjust the antenna, this was made by the seller (eBay) with additional equipment for measurement.

              You see the little aircraft at Munich in the lower right corner? It's 330 km away.

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              • Wow all planes are near you, awesome.

                What is inside antenna? It looks like this one from ebay

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                • Nope, it's a single wire inside, optimized manually for that particular frequency


                  • interesting, if is a cable cropped, then i have done the same.

                    i ordered a few of stuff to test i will post my info monday.


                    • But you might not have a professional analyzer to really measure your cropping efforts

                      I didn't go that deep. I just opened the cap at the top and looked inside. For me it works, independent if it's a single wire or something like a "miracle" inside

                      I have it mounted now on it's final position as i am not able to bring it to the outside.
                      In combination with the blue FA stick (pro plus) i am close to the max range, also number of messages is where it can be expected. Why should i try to improve more which is not there.


                      • can you send a picture? about the max?

                        my max is 250nm and i have 4 stations, only one have the cantenna and is the best.

                        so i want to find the best for each antenna.

                        but some are in another city, so maybe next month i will be there


                        • Search for T-EDFH53, this is my station.


                          • nice, i saw just one day you get the 314nm.

                            many planes over there!


                            • such a single catch can be also a bad signal from somewhere else. My current setup is stable up to 150-160 NM
                              And yes, the area in the middle of Germany is always busy. not only that Frankfurt Airport is there, also lots of routes are crossing this area.

                              So simply comparing the number of aircraft doesn't make sense at all.


                              • awesome, today i received some stuff i purchase let see what can i do to improve my antenna. i am happy with results right now (230nm max) but lets play a little more.