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  • AlejandroM

    Please see my post again. I have edited it.
    If you look at the timings, my edit (19:28) & your post (19:28) crossed.


    • ohh, i see, thank you for the information. i will also test that kind of antenna. and try to make it at least 2 meter higher on the roof.


      • If you have a long coax, and prostick is at other end of coax, it may be beneficial to add a satellite LNA (or any other LNA) near the antenna.

        However this all is location specific, and normally the best configuration of hardware at any location is determined by trial-and-error. Adding filter and adjusting gain also plays an important role.


        • by the way, how to adjust gaing? i saw your tutorial but i cant find gain.php on my dump1090 folder


          • Which version of dump1090 you have?

            - dump1090-mutability ver 1.14

            - dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev

            - dump1090-fa



            • i think is 1.15 but not dev, because i see new map and is installed from

              sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dump1090-mutability -y

              from my own tutorial ( now i am copying many of the info you have)

              pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dump1090-mutability
              Tue Aug 20 22:19:11 2019 BST EB_SOURCE EB_VERSION starting up.


              • The EB_VERSION is same as mutability ver 1.15~dev.
                It is a built package maintained in Debian Buster repository by Debian hamradio maintener. It is a snapshot of source code of dump1090-mutability ver 1.15 ~dev.

                Dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev package now available in Repository!


                To change gain:

                sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability

                sudo nano /etc/default/dump1090-mutability
                Last edited by abcd567; 2019-08-20, 22:11.


                • thanks, as i remember in all my configs are:

                  # RTLSDR gain in dB.
                  # If set to "max" (the default) the maximum supported gain is used.
                  # If set to "agc", the tuner AGC is used to set the gain.

                  so, is this good?


                  • Try different gain value, like 49 45 40, 35 etc, and at each value observe message rate / number of planes to find best setting.

                    Alternatuvely wiedehopf has developed some script to do this tweaking of gain.


                    • great, i will test.

                      btw what means the F and the T in front of station?

                      mines are T-

                      but why?


                      • well, a small update from my antennas.

                        i raised the cantenna i think are 5meters above floor, and it works good


                        config is raspberry pi 3 b + flightaware yellow +flightaware filter and cantenna.

                        my other antenna is the 2 pole like abcd567 did some time ago, here is the pic.


                        and this is the data i am receiving:

                        a few planes but some are far away, setup is

                        raspberry pi 3 b + dvb-t dongle + and mcx extension to 2 pole antenna as shown in picture ( no filter ) next week filter will arrive and i have to test that config.

                        funny thing, on this config i saw a plane with afghanistan flag, but culdnt take a screen shot to find more about it. since radar is in Mexico, it was weird.


                        • As with dipole you are using dvbt (no integral amplifier), better add a Satellite amplifier close to the antenna. You will need a power inserter and a 15V DC power supply also.


                          • i will test dipole antena with blue flighaware dongle, the one that has the filter, and the in line amp.

                            if you see one at ebay, just send me the link =)

                            i really appreciate all the info you post, this is why i did it, because you explain it so good, and the images.



                            • If you use Flightaware blue dongle, you will not need a satellite amplifier (unless your coax cable is too long).


                              • great, you teach us to test, and i will test anything! =)

                                do you think this will help?


                                i buy one but i didnt see it was 5Mhz - 1000Mhz, so for Planes doesnt work, i will use it on my AIS Raspberry to see if that works ( 162Mhz )