Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with a solution for the following,

i want to buy a mode-s reciever and have it give an alert if theres anything with a mode-s signal within a range of 2 miles from the recievers location.
the alert in the software should then send a signal to an external device which is connected to the pc with an usb connector
the external device will then turn a switch that will light a lamp in my house

this way i would know that somethings near if the light goes on.

this external device exists so no problems there

my question is:

What's the cheapest way of achieving this,.. what mode-s reciever to buy?

I only need to pick up aircraft within a range of 5 miles orso....

plus any tips on what software to use or adjust to have it send a signal/alert when somethings approaching.

any help would be greatly appreciated,......