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    Hi Karl,

    Ive removed 4 weak links on the Dipole,by removing the 4 Soldered
    connection on it., therefore instead of having a 5 element Dipole it
    is now a 1 element Dipole.
    The Soldered parts where weak and mechanically didnt last long and
    after the 4th time of Soldering them I was annoyed with them.,
    So I got me a complete lenght of all the elements plus coils together
    and bent the coils into it(with biro, vice and hammer)., therefore no
    Soldering except for connecting the Dipole to the Socket, Which of
    course is now the weakest point (Mechanically) of the antenne.

    EDLM David
    (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

    1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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      ok, thank you for the info.


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        ENBV up and running again with antenna fram VHF Technic AB in Sweden :-)


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          Can you post a picture of your installation?


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            Here it is.

            Running on my Win7 64bit computer, together with software for AIS and weatherstation.
            (AIS antenna you can spot on other side of house)

            The picture is taken towards SW and ideally we should have had the antenna somewhere
            up closer to the top..

            Arnt Eirik
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              When is ENBV going to be up and running for good on
              never seems to be working? It would be a great help up here in the north blank spot!
              Been up since 16.november 25 hours each and every day.

              It is planes flying by on a regular basis, and we have done what we can to cover blank spots.


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                25 hours
                Is that a polar days length


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                  Originally posted by Hamish View Post
                  Is that a polar days length
                  U can say that