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Recommendation for SDR & Antenna for newbies

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  • Recommendation for SDR & Antenna for newbies

    Dear Members,

    I just joined in the flightradar24 forum and would like to build a receiver for the ADS-B feeding. I searched a lot in our forum and I couldn't find a clear cut recommendation to build a receiver unit. There are so many vendors providing the hardware and I am really confused in the selection part. Hence I request your input to give some light in this subject.

    1090 Antenna Segment

    AirNav ADS-B 1090 Outdoor Antenna

    Flightaware 1090 Antenna

    Nooelec omnidirectional 7DB ADS-B Antenna

    SDR Dongle

    Radarbox Flight Stick

    Flightaware Prostick Plus Blue SDR

    RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dongle

    1. I am looking for a best performance Antenna and SDR suggestion

    2. Do we need to use lightning arrestor in the setup ?

    Thank you very much.